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Online Dresses - Treena Trench Pink

Treena Trench Pink

$ 149

Online Dresses - Yemina Coat

Yemina Coat

$ 75

Online Dresses - Lebani Beige

Lebani Beige

$ 99

Online Dresses - Taresa Knit Dress

Taresa Knit Dress

$ 99

Online Dresses - Winafred Tunic

Winafred Tunic

$ 99

Online Dresses - Renata Tunic

Renata Tunic

$ 99

Online Dresses - Loguat Knit Coat

Loguat Knit Coat

$ 59

Online Dresses - Nikko Dress

Nikko Dress

$ 96

Online Dresses - Maple Tunic

Maple Tunic

$ 59

Online Dresses - Cedrus Knit Dress

Cedrus Knit Dress

$ 79

Online Dresses - Taralyn Knit Dress

Taralyn Knit Dress

$ 79

Online Dresses - Shelby Knit Dress

Shelby Knit Dress

$ 99

Online Dresses - Sarra Knit Dress

Sarra Knit Dress

$ 79

Online Dresses - Scirocco Knit Dress

Scirocco Knit Dress

$ 99

Online Dresses - Tribal Dress

Tribal Dress

$ 96

Online Dresses - Leisha Blue Dress

Leisha Blue Dress

$ 96

Online Dresses - Libra Dress

Libra Dress

$ 96

Online Dresses - Colour Frenzy

Colour Frenzy

$ 96

Online Dresses - Roses of Rio

Roses of Rio

$ 96

Online Dresses - Holly Dress

Holly Dress

$ 99

Online Dresses - Summer Breeze

Summer Breeze

$ 79

Online Dresses - Solitude White

Solitude White

$ 79

Online Dresses - Solitude Blue

Solitude Blue

$ 79

Online Dresses - Malaya Black

Malaya Black

$ 76

Looking for a better place to shop women’s dresses online in Australia?

Give your wardrobe the makeover it deserves by shopping with OFM. We have compiled a selection of fashion dresses online for women of all styles and budgets, both here in Australia and overseas. This includes unique designs made from quality cotton, chiffon, georgette and rayon.

Throughout the year, we stock a range of summer and winter women’s dresses – from cotton sundresses to chic evening gowns – so we always have the right thing for any occasion.

Available in a wide range of designs and cuts, our range of print and solid colour dresses are sure to make a lasting impression. And because our standard size run is 8–20 across all styles, ladies of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the products we have to offer.

Here at OFM, we strive to provide our customers with an outfit to suit their shopping budget, without sacrificing quality. Although we offer competitive prices – including our discount on bulk purchases so that the more you buy, the more you save – we back the quality of all our products with our comprehensive return policy.

We also offer free product delivery services to any customer buying a women’s fashion dress online within Australia.

Looking for that complete outfit? Try our DIY Wardrobe! This handy online function allows you to piece together your dress with a handbag, shoes and a trendy accessory, and have it delivered right to your door, ready to wear.

Shop online for fashion dresses that make a statement by shopping with OFS today!

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